Name that Bunny!

Ok everyone,

I’m terrible at deciding on names for pets, which could be why my last two rabbits were called ‘Rabbi’ and ‘Bunny’ and my fish was called ‘Fish’.

So I’m enlisting the help of all you lovely people! Below is a list of names I have chosen:
Ok Guys, help pick the Bunny’s name! I can’t decide!!! Here are the options:

Tony Rabbott
Dennis Hopper
Prof Rabbit Winston
Dustin Hopman
Pat the Bunny
Hopper Reed
Warren Hopper


Leave a comment or tweet me or whatever!

Guess who might be getting a bunny?!


You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote a bit of a ranty post…

Well in it I stated how I desperately wanted another pet bunny but absolutely did not want my Dad to have to clean its cage and do all the maintenance because that’s so not fair on him.
Suddenly I had lots of people helping to find a service that could do the physical side of caring for a rabbit! I was so surprised! Well a very good friend on Facebook did some research and managed to find a service that did exactly that! And guess where this business was located?? No seriously guess!! Yup, in the same suburb that I live in! Freaky!

So I did some research and then asked my parents and they said yes as long as it is not an indoor bunny and I organise everything myself. That seemed fair enough to me :)

Thankyou to the wonderful Jess Groff, whose nephew also happens to have RDEB and Liver Failure, for being so kind and going to all that effort into finding a pet maintenance service!

And thankyou to everyone for all the kind words on my ranty post a few weeks back. To be honest I was, and still am a little embarrassed at the response.

Stay tuned and be prepared to help me pick a name because I have a huge list and can’t decide!

Why I’m sick of being happy for you

Warning: This post does not contain the happy, smiley, brave, inspiring Nikki you all think I am, but in fact details what really goes around and around my head all day, everyday. If you would prefer not to see this other side of me I suggest you leave now. Don’t worry, I’ll wait till you’ve gone. Bye!


I am so sick of being happy for you. Yes you, all of you. Everyone around me is moving forward in life, reaching and celebrating all the normal milestones of ones life while I’m basically just trapped, stuck here waiting for either the next bad thing to happen or just waiting to die.

Every single day I have to listen to how you have; Graduated Uni, Got a job, Got a boyfriend/girlfriend, Had first kiss, Gotten engaged, Moved in together, Got married, Bought an apartment, Bought a house, Bought a car, Got your drivers license, Become pregnant, Had a baby (don’t even get me started on the whole baby thing!), Are planning multiple trips to America, Canada and the rest of the world.
Yes I sit and nod politely and say some bullshit along the lines of “Awwww Wow! That’s so awesome, I’m so happy for you!!!!!!” (You usually totally buy it aswell) Well yes I am happy for you but actually deep down inside I am INSANELY jealous.
I want so desperately to experience even just 1 or 2 of these normal life experiences that you take for granted and I have never had and probably never will.
Not only will I never be able to have any of these things, but the normal things I did have keep being taken away from me one by one. My skin, hair, kidneys, walking, pretty much everything really. Then there’s the pain and anxiety of daily EB dressing changes plus 9 hours of dialysis every-friggin-night. I’d accepted the whole EB thing but who the fuck gets the severest form of EB AND Kidney Failure? Seems to me like I got a raw deal and it’s not fair. Life gave me lemons and now I am bitter. I even get jealous of other EB people because they only have EB to deal with, and then I get jealous of other people with kidney failure because they only have that do deal with and can easily have a transplant in the future.
I know, it’s messed up huh…

There is nothing normal I can have in my life. All the things I want most I can’t have. I can’t even get a pet bunny rabbit because it would mean my Dad would have to clean its cage and I don’t want him to have to do that as he already has so much to do in terms of my care. I wish there was some type of service where you could pay someone to come to your home every few days to clean your pets cage/change litter boxes etc. Does that type of service exist?

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this tour inside my head.
That is all.